Tuesday, September 21, 2010


It’s a strange thing this fear. Makes you do things you’re otherwise too smart for. Kinda makes u superstitious at times. You know what it does to me…

Well, as a child, we heard that when we really really want something, we keep our fingers crossed for it. I did that enough back then. But as I grew up, I sorta got over it. I don’t do it anymore, except for one occasion. That’s when someone from my family is travelling, especially by train. I still keep my fingers crossed until I get a phone call from them saying that they have safely reached.

Funny you’ll think. Well, true. I know it doesn’t make a difference, I know nothing’s gonna happen, and I convince myself hard enough that I won’t do it next time. But I just can’t help it. It just happens. For in that moment when someone I love is on the rails…my fingers just seem to have a mind of their own.

The amazing thing is that me and my family have always travelled by train for a long long time. It’s only recently that we could start taking off in a plane. And from Bangalore to Delhi by train is a total three days. And believe me, for all three days, I would eat, pray and sleep with my fingers crossed.

Wonder what makes me do this. When in all my senses, I know it’s nothing but a superstition. Maybe, just maybe I’ll get over it someday.
So, what makes you superstitious…….

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