Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My midnight rain fiesta

Soaking up in the rain isn’t unfamiliar to me. I seldom let go of any of it. I’ve always been advised against it for the fear of catching a cold. I’ve always snubbed the advice, and have almost always ended up catching the darn cold. But that has done precious little to deter me from doin it again. Learn from your mistakes? Well, that’s wut I’m doin eh, still learning ;) Hey, I like to take my time.

Besides, this is one mistake I’m reluctant to learn from. It’s just something I so totally love to do. And yepp…I did it again! And this time, with most of the caution knobs turned up. Firstly, it was in the dead of the night. Secondly, I was stark out of a sound sleep. And most significantly, I already had a cold coming on!!
But like any of that was going to stop me. In fact, did I even have the mind to think over. It was virtually a dream. I was awakened abruptly by the sound of heavy rustling and a mighty downpour. Not even a fire in the building would’ve roused me as hastily as this exultant sound of the rain did. I walked to the balcony and Oh My..! It was by far the most pleasing feast for summer sore eyes, a savory smell of the earth, the chime of the raindrops hitting the leaves and the impeccably shiny little droplets shimmering under the streetlamps. For a moment I stood there, feeling detached from the world. I was awakened in the middle of the night, without a purpose, just to come out and witness the midnight showers. There were strong winds changing direction every minute and the rain swept across the surfaces. And when the wind blew straight into my face, the raindrops, lit by a streetlamp very close to my balcony, seemed to shower exclusively for me. It was like a million starlets confetti being shot in my honor. Being back in Ambala and having left Bangalore far behind, being able to relish a good rain certainly isn't a frequent bounty. It was a much awaited escape from the blistering heat and humidity of July. and I wasnt gonna let it go.

The vast expanse of the university campus I live in seemed to be snug and deep asleep. Let alone the faculty wing, even the students’ residence seemed quiet and cozy. Well yes, this isn’t quite exam season. No one’s expected to study late. Besides I dint even know how late it was. I couldn’t care less about time right now. I was just too happy being awake, refreshed and of course, wet. And I knew that here right now, I was the only one awake to savor this moment. In fact, I believe I was the only one who wanted to. I don’t remember ever meeting anyone who said he she did not love the rain. But yet, of the numerous times that I have been to the terrace to soak myself or cheerily taken a walk in the park while it poured, I have never had company. I have scarcely seen anyone enjoying a decent rain purposelessly. Hmmm…makes me wonder, am I out of my mind, or are these people oblivious to the divinity of this wet and messy affair.

I’ve done this plenty of times. Call me stupid, but I wouldn’t miss a chance to soak up. I remember one evening, coupl’a years ago when I was out for a walk with my friend Anita. She was then a med student, who loved to admire rain from a windowsill. That evening, she was on her way to an experience she was going to cherish. It suddenly began to rain and we weren’t close to home. She decided we take shelter nearby and I abided…for the moment. But after a few minutes of cajoling, she decided to give it a shot, and we set off walking again…this time, in the rain. For a full two hours until it was dark and really time to go home, we walked, sang and danced, in the rain. People looked at us perplexed. Half of them thought we had lost our minds. And others wished they could do so too. But the two of us, we didn’t care a dime. It was one of our most memorable evenings.

There have been many other times I’ve smiled back at the rain gods smiling down upon me, Last night being freshest in my memory. Of course, as anticipated, I now have a worsened cold and a really painful sore throat. I’m glad I can write this blog becuz I can barely talk today. But hey…what a night eh. If a perfectly timed sneeze hadn’t jogged me back to my senses, and reminded me that I was already vulnerable, I would have brewed a steaming cup of coffee and let the rain soak me completely. But that’s okay, albeit scanty, its monsoon season. Maybe my coffee will wait a little…until my next midnight rain fiesta I guess.

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