Friday, July 2, 2010

An Inspiration...just when i needed it

At the very outset, let me let you know that what happened today was quite moving, in some ways. From this day onwards, everytime in life, im down and lonely, feeling terrible about the person i am and perpetually complaining about my life, i will certainly think about this stranger. A person i know nothing about, except the fact that he inadvertently confronted me with the most divine reality of life...that Life is beautiful, Be thankful for it.

Alright, let me start over, with the details this time. My love for ITPL is not unknown. Well, the one other place which finds a spot in my heart right next to ITPL, is the RMZ Infinity complex on Old Madras Road. I ve spent a lot of my evenings there, hanging out with ma best buddy, Deepa.

This was another one of those evenings. The weather was exceptionally welcoming. Cool and breezy, just the way i like it. A perfect day for a corn on the cob. But since that wasnt around, we thought we'd settle for a slightly more elaborate treat. So we savoured a sumptuous chocolate brownie with ice-cream and a tropical iceberg. And if that wasnt enough to wreck havoc on the weeks diet plan, we decided to top it up with a pack of french fries...large. We stepped out of Coffee day and headed straight to McDonalds, and grabbed a luxuriously murderous pack of carbs deep fried in fat ;)

Back in the open courtyard, we struck up quite a conversation as we nibbled on our fries. And i barely noticed, when the entire gabfest swiveled to me. And before i knew, all i was talkin about was myself. My problems, my miseries, my complaints. All i did was grumble on. About how i hated having to leave bangalore. How i could never enjoy a decent pack of french fries guiltlessly, cuz i was born a plumpy child. About my aching ankle that hasnt let me walk one step painlessly for an year now, or about why did i have to get married at a time i didnt want to, and about this, and about that and on and on i went, lamenting about trivial things in life that did not matter one tiny bit compared to what i saw then.

A healthy well built man, probably in his late twenties, with a very amicable smile, ascended a small flight of stairs to the pavement, briskly walked ahead and quietly passed by. The right sleeve of his trousers was neatly tucked to the back with his belt, as he supported himself on one leg and a pair of crutches !!

By the look on his face and the badge hanging from his belt, it was no difficulty determining he was a software professional or something equivalent. He was definetely an employee and it aint no secret that RMZ Infinity houses some of the best companies on the globe.

So here was a man, who hasnt let any impediment deter him from his road to success. A man who has achieved and accomplished, standing one one leg...literally !
He walked by, smiling at every person he met, no morosity on his face, no complaint in his eyes. Just a man who counted his blessings, made up his mind and followed his heart. And yes, made it good...real good.

And here i was, cribbing about little things of zero importance. Whoever he is, i know i may never see him again, but i will always remember the well taught lesson he reminded me of...just in time.


  1. Brought a tear to my eye .... I really felt like i was there .....

  2. well...ask me. i was there...!
    Such ppl are an example.