Friday, June 25, 2010

Kicking off...

So finally here i am. To finally start writing a blog of my own. Finally done with typing my email and my passwords twice. And to top it, those curiously twisted alphabets, that image verification...wallah ! In fact what i dont understand is, why do i have to go through it all over again if i made a tiny mistake somewhere in the name, i mean, once i ve proved myself human, why do i hav to keep doin it all over again ;)

Anyway, guess i'm through with that so lets leave 'em behind. Aghhh..........concentrate, concentrate on the blog.....Ahem, Ok, im good.

So, coming back to the task at hand. Well, the obvious challenge here is to decide what do i start writing about. i could write about anything. About how i wonder why i cant follow the basic rule of written english language by using capitalised 'I's when addressing to myself in the first person. Guess i just like it this way. Or how no matter how good i am with spellings, i sometimes jus cant overcome the urge to use an sms style lingo coz its such a part of our vocabulary now that the classic british english counterparts seem inappropriate now ;)

Or, getting serious, i could talk about just how happy i am to be here in my own...Bangalore right now !! Oh how much i love this city. No matter what, the bad roads, the traffic, the noise, its Bangalore. The city that made me who i am.

Well, maybe its now the time to introduce myself. i realise this should hav come first, but with me, what happens is rarely what should happen ;)
So, im Mamta. Mamta Yadav. 23 years old, Married. Supposed to be from Rajasthan, cuz my parents hail from there. Spent some time in Bombay and most of it in Bangalore. Married and put up at Ambala, Haryana right now, and maybe somewhere else next year. But always, always a Bangalorean at heart.

Here on this blog, im gonna try n rediscover myself, explore myself share myself. i could write about anything intresting, anything that pops up out of nowhere, anything that gets me thinking. Or maybe jus cut, copy n paste something incredible from somewhere and try n make u believe i wrote it....!!

Well.....i should sign off for now, until i find something better to scribble here. Take care folks...

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